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This month’s focus is to find more hosts

6/25/2022, 3:59:51

In June, our team decided to focus on increasing the number of hosts in Europe. Therefore, we are now actively working in the following areas.

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A young family from Lviv found a shelter in Denmark

6/25/2022, 3:22:11

After about a week, they were able to find housing with a young family from Copenhagen who gave over their apartment for over a month. “We live here on our own, so we are very happy for this opportunity. T...

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The story of Maria Turysheva

6/21/2022, 10:57:04

My sister and I are from the Odesa region. The decision to move was difficult and our entire family, including women, remained in Ukraine.

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Volunteers team

6/21/2022, 10:13:28

Thanks to these wonderful people, we have helped more than 4,923 Ukrainians! We really appreciate all the efforts of all our team members. Together, we have overcome many challenges and provided homes to ...

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Greetings from Kyiv!

5/10/2022, 3:49:42

This week we remembered the WWII heroes who gave their lives to defeat the Nazis in WWII. But this year, due to obvious safety concerns, there were no events or public gatherings to mark this solemn and im...

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Ukraine Shelter is creating support and safe housing for Ukrainians displaced by the war. We will do our best to contact and help everyone who needs or offers help, however please understand that we are desperately busy and trying to work under difficult circumstances.

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