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Ukraine shelter

Help for Ukrainians displaced by the Russian invasion


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Guide for Hosts

Step 1

Fill out the application form on our website. All your data will be protected (we will not share it with third parties or any guests without your agreement).

Step 2

After listing your offer, you can log in to the website and update or change your offer any time.

Step 3

It takes on average 2 weeks to find guests but the demand for different countries is changing constantly, so it may take longer. We will not bother you unless we have a family that is ready to stay with you.

Step 4

If we find a family that needs your help, our volunteers will contact you to discuss all the details.

Step 5

If you agree to proceed and host any guests, our volunteers will provide you with the contact details of the person (or people) you will be hosting.

Step 6

If, for any reason, you change your mind or have any questions, please let our volunteers know.

Guide in search of shelter


Please note that we will help you find shelter for a while. We do not rent housing. Living conditions with local people who are ready to provide shelter for the first time while you are in the country, the price is long-term housing. We check the identity of all the owners and their documents.

Step 1

If you are satisfied with all the conditions of our assistance, please fill out the application form on our website.

Step 2

Our volunteer will contact you at the number indicated in your application to clarify your details and information.

Step 3

If you are satisfied with this option, our volunteer will provide you with the details and address of the person who is ready to shelter you.

Step 4

Contact the person with whom our volunteer arranged your family on their own and stay in touch. In case of changes, please let your volunteers know.

Step 5

You always have the option to log in and make changes to your own app.

What our hosts said


I have welcomed Myroslava a few months ago in my apartment in Toulouse - I am abroad so she is using the entire place My mum and friends from Toulouse have been able to make her feel welcome and helped her getting situated. One of my friend in toulouse is also a professor and welcomed her in our research unit.


Ukraine Shelter are very friendly & caring people, but the local government is looking for hosts now, too. In Germany refugees changing residence from where they first registered is not that easy anymore as it was in march.


Ukraine Shelter helped me to connect me with Anastasia and her family, so we were able to help them.


A great, efficient and helpful non-profit organisation


Hosting a family from Ukraine has been best thing we have ever done. Ukraine Shelter handled the situation sensitively, supportively and without pressure.

For urgent help, please call us:

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Our Partners and Donors:

Thanks to the individuals and organizations who share our vision, we are able to provide a safe home for Ukrainian refugees. Their support and partnership have increased awareness and provided financial assistance and volunteer support. We are grateful for their dedication and generosity in making a difference in the lives of those in need.

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Ukraine Shelter is creating support and safe housing for Ukrainians displaced by the war. We will do our best to contact and help everyone who needs or offers help, however please understand that we are desperately busy and trying to work under difficult circumstances.

Made with love for Ukraine 💙 💛

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