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Ukraine shelter

Help for Ukrainians displaced by the Russian invasion


About us

Ukraine Shelter launched amidst the chaos and confusion of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Nobody remembers who had the idea or exactly when we started the project, but the domain name was registered on 25 February (1 day after the invasion) and the first version of the site launched on 27 February 2022.

The early days were a little chaotic, but together with a small team of volunteers and supported by the designers and developers at Veedoo, we launched the site primarily to coordinate incoming offers of help/shelter. We needed a way to log/record the offers of accommodation and to match these with friends and family who were moving to safer parts of Ukraine or crossing into the EU.

Since then the project has grown and grown, and today we are a sizable team of volunteers, all committed to helping Ukrainians find a safe place to stay away from the dangers and chaos of the Russian war.

Our Team:

Ukraine Shelter is supported by:

Our Patrons. This project wouldn't be possible without them. Without their financial support, we wouldn't have any of the equipment (you can't imagine how useful desks, computers and phones are when you have 400 people to call)

Our Translators. A rag-tag bunch of Facebook friends and contacts who gave their time to help us reach more hosts.

Jakub and his team at Localazy.com which makes it possible to handle all the translations. They kindly gave us a free upgrade which made our lives infinitely easier.

Stuart and the fine people at Zenoo.com who offered us their onboarding and ID verification services.

Special Thanks to:

  • Anneli Kimber
  • Silvia Grant
  • Chris Simpson
  • Catherine Bearder
  • Tim Bearder
  • Pete Addison

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Ukraine Shelter is creating support and safe housing for Ukrainians displaced by the war. We will do our best to contact and help everyone who needs or offers help, however please understand that we are desperately busy and trying to work under difficult circumstances.

Made with love for Ukraine 💙 💛

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